"Moving Soon? Score Some Free Boxes!"

Boxes! Get your free boxes! Easy ways to snag all the boxes you need for your next move.

We all know how incredibly expensive moving can be, not to mention the logistical nightmares that can be involved. So, in the spirit of lightening your load, I have some good news for you! If you are willing to get creative, you can actually get decent boxes for FREE!!! In fact, I will actually help you with the “creative” part. How’s that for amazing? I’m just here to help, ‘cuz I have been there in the moving trenches and know that any help at all is fantastic. Sorry, my help doesn’t extend to filling those free boxes I am going to help you find. You gotta do some of the heavy lifting, right?


Top 10 Places to Get Free Boxes

1)      Liquor stores. Everyone’s favorite! Ideally, the boxes are empty. However, to add a little pizzazz to your packing, consuming the contents of the box from the liquor store will add some flavor (sorry, pun intended) to your move.

2)      Book stores. Books are heavy, so the boxes need to be sturdy, as well. Book boxes are typically smaller, but can be ideal for packing fragile items.

3)      Grocery stores. These boxes can be questionable, but the boxes come in all shapes and sizes which can be handy for those hard to pack items. Most of these boxes will need to be reinforced with packing tape to strengthen the seams.

4)      People who recently moved. Obvious? Ummm, yes. But did you think of it? Probably not. Most people don’t think to ask people who recently moved. Those boxes are probably still stacking up and in the way somewhere. Your liberating them would do everyone a favor. You solve your need for boxes and your friends get rid of the boxes they no longer need. Talk about your classic win-win!

5)      Restaurants. Some of the produce boxes can be great for moving those big, bulky, yet lightweight items you want in a box, but don’t need a super strong box to get the job done.

6)      Craigslist. If it exists, a version of it can be found on Craigslist, guaranteed. Finding free boxes on the site is no exception. A lot of folks don’t want to throw out perfectly good boxes they no longer have a use for, so they simply advertise the boxes for free. They get to feel good about themselves and perform a “green” act at the same time!

7)      Near the dumpster at your apartment complex right after the first of the month. So, those folks that just moved in? They have to do something with their boxes, right? You’re moving at the end of this month. Huh. You can be proactive and introduce yourself and ask them for their boxes or you can box stalk and watch for their boxes to appear in the dumpster. Personally, I’d rather get my hands on them before they land next to some kid’s diapers. Just sayin’.

8)      U-Haul. Check out U-Haul’s Box Exchange program where you can get previously used boxes. U-Haul gets it. They know boxes are used for a short period of time and it’s cool to reuse and recycle. Why not facilitate a box exchange for movers? Everyone wins.  

9)     Thrift stores. Thrift stores receive several donations every day. Most of those donations are placed into boxes which have no further use at the thrift store. Go claim some for yourself!

 10)  Your workplace. Keep your eyes open at your workplace for empty copier paper boxes and used banker boxes that are being replaced with new boxes. Usually, there is nothing wrong with these boxes, but someone decided it was time to switch them out. Be sure to snag these as they are eternally useful and stack ever so nicely into your moving truck.

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