"Tips for Newlyweds moving in together!"

Congrats on getting married! Deciding to wait until marriage to move in together is a choice that many couples make. It is exhilarating and yet pretty scary, here are some tips for moving in with your new spouse! 



1.      TALK MONEY! Talk to your partner and figure out who is paying for what whether it is the utilities, down payment, groceries etc. Discuss what you can afford, you can always consider starting a joint checking account for each of you to contribute to equally so everything balances out.

2.      Discuss what each of you want in a new house or apartment. Make a list together of things you must have in your new place. Make sure that you respect and listen to what each other wants before you fall in love with a place that maybe the other doesn't love as much as you do. Just because it has the dishwasher you want, doesn't mean it has the office she wants.

3.      Start looking online together so you can see what each other’s tastes are. Start bookmarking places! After each search, make a list of your top 5 favorite places and call to set up some appointments to see them. Make a pros and cons list after each showing. Sometimes a place will look super good online and not so good in person or vice versa so always, always, go and see it in person before signing the lease!

4.      Once you have both agreed on a place, figure out who will do what when it comes to chores. Make a chore chart! In the first column put the everyday chores, second column, weekly chores and the third column, the chores you do occasionally but don't have to do/the chores you hate. Start making fun bets on who will get done the fastest and the loser has to do a chore from the third column of chores that neither of you wants to do.

5.      It's time to downsize ladies... Go through your closet! I know it's hard to let go of your favorite prom dress or skinny jeans from high school but it’s time to let go! The more you downsize your closet, the more room for new fashionable things that fit you perfectly! If you have some brand name clothes, take them to a used clothes store and who knows, maybe you could get a big wad of cash for that prom dress or name brand skinny jeans you've been low key holding on to.

6.      So... You have all of your stuff in your new place. TIME TO GO SHOPPING! Make it fun for the both of you! Go to home decor stores and check out what the new trends are in but make time to also go to the movie and game sections of some of the stores. You need to decide on a theme, whether its modern, hippy, boho, victorian etc. Don't buy too much right away, take your time. Don't put too much on the credit card right away, you still have rent to worry about!

7.      What's for dinner? A really smart idea I have come to enjoy is meal planning. It will save you so much time and money. Get a large calendar or dry erase board and start meal planning. I save the most money when I plan 2 to 3 weeks ahead, so I only have to make one grocery store run. If you really want to save time, you can make an inventory list, keep track of everything you have or run out of so you can get all of those things and groceries at the same time. Now that's what I call smart shopping.

 8.      Lastly, take a moment each day to show how much you appreciate one another. This is good to do because it reminds each other that you are appreciative of everything that each other does and the effort they are putting forth to keep a harmonious relationship with you in the long term. I hope these tips helped! Again, congratulations on tying the knot! 

Apartment Hunting : The Hunt

Buyer Beware: What you don't know when shopping for an apartment can hurt you! Go ahead and ask those uncomfortable questions before you sign the lease. Raise your hand if you love moving! Hahaha, just kidding. Hunting for an apartment can be a super exciting time in your life…but it can also be one of the most stressful things other than death, marriage, or starting a new job. Yikes! Did you know landlords must legally comply with Fair Housing laws? I once went on a showing with a landlord who violated five Fair Housing laws in a sentence. I wasn’t even mad; I was impressed. One sentence!

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Apartment DIY

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